From here, click and drag the pointer to select the area that you want to screenshot. If you don’t like the look and feel of these programs, you can use an external app or tool to take your screenshots as well. It’s not just a screen capture of an active window you can take. You can even paste your recent screen capture on some applications for a smoother workflow.

  • Microsoft originally introduced the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista, and it’s been slowly phasing over to Snip&Sketch since October 2018.
  • Our favorite free screenshot tool for Windows—aside from the tools built into Windows 10 itself, which are extremely capable—is Greenshot.
  • Then paste the image to paint using the Edit menu or using the keyboard combination Ctrl + V.
  • In order to save the screen shot that you have just created you will need some sort of image manipulation software.

Windows platform offers a number of methods to grab screenshots and we’ll be discussing each of them one by one. Most of the method described here works smoothly on Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11 PCs. It is usually in the same section as the break key and scroll lock key. The screenshot may share the same key as a system request. Then click the Snip Snip icon to save the screenshot. Move the crosshairs from where you want the screenshot to start and drag to select the area.

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Knowing how to screenshot on Windows 10 — capturing an image of your screen — is one of the most useful tools for any PC user. First, double-check the Fn of F Lock key if your keyboard has one. The F Lock key can enable or disable secondary function keys (eg. F2 or F12). Press the key to ensure that the key is turned off.

If you want to save the image, simply paste the image into paint and select ‘Save As’. The XBox app in Windows 10 Creators Update and later can use the Game Bar to take screenshots of the active Game window. Press Win+Alt+PrtScn to take and save the screenshot of the Game window. Once you are done selecting the area, it will be captured in the application itself and then you can mark, highlight, pen writing, crop, copy, etc on your screenshot from here.

Windows + Print Screen

Once you’ve decided what type of snip you want to make, click New. Look for the Print Screen button on your keyboard. It is usually found on the upper right side of the keyboard. If you have a small keyboard, you’ll probably have to look for the abbreviation, PrtScr. Whether you are preparing a Powerpoint presentation or collecting evidence on an affected computer, capturing screenshots of a computer is a trick everyone would like to master.

To capture the whole screen Go to Site at once, you need to just press WinKey+PrtScr or WinKey+Fn+PrtScr key combination on the hardware keyboard. While capturing screenshots, your laptop will dim, and then you can find the screenshot captured in the User/Pictures/Screenshots folder. This is something not known to many Windows users. A combination of Win+PrntScrn keys automatically captures your screen and saves it in a folder named Screenshots on your PC. This is one of the handiest ways to get the screenshots real quick.