As we’ve seen with China’s crypto ban, not every country is open to the use of cryptocurrency. To hold crypto, you need a “wallet.” This is very similar to the “wallet” app you probably have on your iPhone, but it’s specific to crypto. Of course, everyone’s got their agenda, and when you’re making your decision, you should remember that. Do your own research and find out if accepting Bitcoin on your website is in your best interests. Basically, any wallet that keeps your private keys only on your device is considered safe.

And if you’re just starting out with crypto, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to even accept payments on your own website. Follow the tips above and you are just one step away from collecting crypto as payment on your website. As you go through the selection process, you will discover there are several factors you need to consider.

Two years later and Wayne’s involvement with Bean Ninjas had grown from a blog comment to contractor to equity partner. Keeping meticulous records is important because you still need to pay taxes on it. For example in the U.S, this means whenever you sell a cryptocurrency, you could be liable for capital gains tax. In addition, how you classify your crypto assets will vary depending on your company. For example, the IRS doesn’t recognize crypto as a currency, so all transactions need to be classified as property.

You should compare all crypto payment providers and see what options and functionality they can provide for your business. One of the most important things for any online business (to say nothing of e-commerce platforms) is to enable all the possible payment methods for their users. With the soaring interest in blockchain, you will only double your popularity if you accept cryptocurrency online. GoCoin was another top cryptocurrency payment processing platform for many years, helping small businesses manage crypto payments.

While BitPay doesn’t offer exchange functions, it does support various integrations with major platforms, which can be helpful to eCommerce businesses. Regulations, taxes, and fees on virtual currency can be confusing depending on where you live or where items were purchased. In the United States, cryptocurrency is taxable like other transactions. When filling out a United States tax return, you’ll now have to indicate whether you used cryptocurrency.

Easy Conversions

With this, you can sell products online internationally without having to worry about exchange rates between different currencies. Provide an auto-conversion feature and various tools for managing crypto volatility. Finally, it’s worth considering the geographical reach of different cryptoprocessors. For example, while BitPay is available in nearly 200 countries, Coinbase Commerce is currently only available in 42.

  • Just remember that this payment gateway won’t convert payments to fiat money.
  • Banks, credit companies, and more take our information and retain it.
  • Fortunately, there are plenty of methods that enable you to start accepting Bitcoin without too much fuss and continue with business as usual.
  • You should compare all crypto payment providers and see what options and functionality they can provide for your business.
  • You get every dollar or euro of what you charge, minus 1%.
  • The service fee is collected automatically before funds are transferred to the merchant settlement account.

So traditional payments make it impossible to kept our info private. Virtual currencies and transactions require limited information. The most you have to share is a transaction ID and wallet addy. Cryptocurrency processors may want a shipping address and name. We’ve made it easy to start accepting cryptocurrencies with just a few lines of code. Bitpay is another platform that accepts digital payments with a checkout integration that isn’t as seamless as Coinbase Commerce.

Remember how easy it was to set up Stripe on your Shopify store? While accepting crypto payments is easier than it was even a couple of years ago, you need to be tech-savvy to set it up. You can accept crypto payments in various coins but have all funds automatically exchanged gathered in a single wallet. Do the above-mentioned ways to accept crypto payments sound complicated? Then you need a ready-to-go solution – a crypto payment gateway. In this way, you don’t use a dedicated cryptocurrency processor or gateway.

Ready To Get Started?

Accept Bitcoin payments and withdraw money to your local bank account. It’s easy to receive Bitcoin payments.All you have to do is give out an address and indicate how much Bitcoin users need to pay. It is very important that your customers and your business remain safe. Bitcoin’s market capitalization grew by 187%, many popular coins reached crypto payment api new all-time highs, and some even offered five-digit percentage returns. According to CoinGecko, the total cryptocurrency market cap surpassed $3 billion in Nov. 2021. Since there are currently no accounting platforms that capture, review and appropriate value for your cryptocurrency holdings, all gains and losses need to be done manually.

In a nutshell, Bitcoin is an innovative, peer-to-peer network that enables a new payment system for its users. Basically, it’s a tool to send and receive digital payments instantly from anyone, anywhere across the world. It is the first decentralized payment network that is powered by its users without any central authority. From setup to settlement, BitPay makes accepting these payments easy.

How to accept crypto payments on website

If you decide to accept cryptocurrencies, it is important that you get everything right from the start. When people start accepting crypto payment methods on your website, it is important that they communicate well with customers before they start accepting crypto payments. If you decide to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method, you should inform your customers in advance. If you accept crypto payments, customers should be able to understand the benefits that they will receive from doing this.

In short, accepting cryptocurrencies now instead of later is a wise decision since you will be ahead of the curve compared to your competitors. The customer then inputs your address into their own cryptosystem. They send you the crypto tokens and, once the blockchain verifies them, they arrive in your crypto wallet.

You Can Use Stripe To Accept Cryptocurrency

It allows you to accept payments in a variety of different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. Alternatively, you can avoid crypto and other payment processes and accept bitcoin payments within your crypto wallet. This means you don’t need both a payment processor and a bitcoin/crypto wallet.

Business behemoths like Tesla, Microsoft, AT&T are accepting payments in cryptocurrencies courtesy its phenomenal growth and reputation e.g. Soon enough, this financial novelty will entail the shared trust akin to that of regular currencies like US Dollar, British Pound or European Euro. This how-to tutorial provides step-by-step procedures on how to receive cryptocurrency payments at your online business.

Some businesses may want to focus on well-known currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, while others may want to explore some of the smaller and lesser-known coins. Currently, it has become quite evident that cryptocurrency is not just a speculative trading tool but also an extremely convenient, fast, and inexpensive means of payment. Anyone can use the advantages of the crypto payment method by implementing one of the NOWPayments payment tools directly on the website. The process is relatively simple – just generate a Bitcoin address for each sale you make on your site, and provide instructions for how much money people should send. You’ll receive the coins in your wallet, and you can process the order as soon as the transaction is confirmed. Here are some things you should think about when choosing a cryptocurrency payment processor.

How to accept crypto payments on website

Coinbase makes it quick and easy for websites to start accepting Bitcoin payments. With a great app and excellent compatibility with most e-commerce platforms, you can start accepting crypto in an instant. You can also use TripleA for accepting crypto payments and transfer settlements in your local bank account. That makes this method ideal for websites that only need to accept bitcoin payments timely to complete business transactions.

Facts To Consider Before Accepting Crypto

When people know what you are doing to help them, they are likely to start accepting crypto payments. It can help you attract more customers because they will trust you more. But if you want to learn how to accept crypto payments, it is important to understand the different aspects of this payment method. The main criteria that any small business owner should consider are price volatility, the different types of cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrency taxation.

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You will get a private key to help you access your cryptocurrencies. This way, you will be able to keep your cryptocurrencies safe. Another reason to be afraid of cryptocurrencies is that they can cause you to be curious. If you accept crypto payments on your site, it will cause many people to become curious as well. GoCrypto’s payments solution aims to lead the global mass adoption of crypto payments.

What Are The Hurdles To Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments?

It’s hard to know what’s going to happen with Bitcoin in a few years. For now, however, it makes sense to consider accepting this currency for payments on your website, because there are a lot of people using it. Fortunately, there are plenty of methods that enable you to start accepting Bitcoin without too much fuss and continue with business as usual. Of course, if you use this method, you’ll have to take care of invoicing and billing on your own. You’ll also need to arrange delivery for any items or services you sell, and provide payment addresses manually.

This address is the alphanumeric string that comes with your crypto wallet, no matter its origin. Every payment gateway has a hidden fee that I can’t have possibly mentioned. This is a fee whenever your customer pays in the coin you don’t accept into. And should you want premium security, there are hardware crypto wallets. They remain offline, and the private keys never leave the device. You can host your own eCommerce with Paychant and accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

How To Accept Crypto Payments For Your Online Business Website

You will expand your customer base since 1 out of 10 people are using crypto, many – for convenience of their trades. Not all sites offer such an opportunity , so with having Crypto Payment Methods on your platform you will gain even more customers. Once your customer has your “address,” then they can quickly send payment and complete the transaction.

If your key target demographics are over 60, then accepting Bitcoin might not be at the top of your agenda. However, if your target audience is passionate about crypto and it fits your brand identity, then you might be onto something. Here are some of the tools and services to help your business grow. And while we’re doing so much crypto, it only makes sense to check out the measures to secure your cryptocurrency. Paychant also boasts of instant conversions to fiat as a measure against crypto volatility. As of this writing, they support BTC, ETH, USDT, and cUSD.

Conventional pay methods involve third parties, usually a bank or credit company. And they can freeze and dip into those funds for fees or charges. Currently, companies small and large are accepting cryptocurrency payments—the number in the hundreds of thousands. You’ve got brick-and-mortar and e-commerce, all accepting digital cash from customers and vendors. The best part is that you don’t need additional integrations or incur extra transaction costs.

How Does A Cryptocurrency Transaction Work?

In fact, you can easily exchange the coins with other currencies. If you accept cryptocurrency, you can avoid volatility by instantly changing your currency. To receive bitcoin payments for goods and services, the merchant needs to provide a crypto wallet address . That address is then used by the client to make the payment. It was created by a group of crypto experts to allow merchants to receive instant crypto payments. GoCrypto is the fastest-growing crypto payment network, and it is already available in 66 countries as of Q1, 2022.